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  Medical Topics: 

  • Anterior Cruciate

  •         Ligament 
  • Articular cartilage

  •           Injury 
  •      Meniscus

  •        Patella

  • Degenerative Joint

  •          Disease 

    About The Doctor: 

  •     Credentials

  • Office Information

             Email at: 
                        Gerald N. Yacobucci, M.D. 

    1. Education: 
            Undergraduate - State University of New York at Buffalo.      
            Buffalo, New York. B.S. Pharmacy, Summa Cum Laude. 
            Medical School - S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, New York. M.D. 
                 degree with honors in 1982. 
            Orthopedic Surgery Residency - S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo 
                 Affiliated Hospitals Program completed in 1987 
            Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine Fellowship -  
            University of Pennsylvania Sports Medicine Center,  
                 Completed in 1988 

    2. Board Certification: 
            American Board of Orthopedic Surgery 

    3. Professional Organizations: 
            American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 
            American College of Sports Medicine 
            Arthroscopy Association of North America 
            American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine 
            International Cartilage Repair Society 

    4. Faculty Positions: 
            Clinical Instructor of Sports Medicine - Good Samaritan     
                 Regional Medical Center Family Practice        
                 Residency Program. 
            Clinical Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery - Kirksville 
                 College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
            Clinical Instructor - Arthrex Surgical Skills Teaching 
                 Laboratory, Scottsdale, AZ. 

    5. Clinical Research: 
            Deep Posterior Compartment Pressure in the Evolution of    
                  Venous Insufficiency the Lower Extremity. Angiology,  
                  Vol. 35, No. 3, 173 - 176, 1984. 
            Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee Under Local Anesthesia.  
                 Arthroscopy, Vol. 6, No. 4, 311 - 314, 1990. 
            Arthroscopic Resection of Glenoid Labral Tears in the  
                 Athlete: A Report of 29 Cases. Arthroscopy, Vol 8, No. 1,  
                 48 - 54, 1992. 
            The Use of Toradol In Outpatient A.C.L. Surgery. Presented  
                 at the annual meeting of  the American Orthopedic 
                 Society for Sports Medicine, June 1997. 
            Meniscus Allograft Transplantation. Addressing The Issue of  
                 Possible Graft Shrinkage Over Time...Study in Progress. 
            Autologus Chondrocyte Implantation. A Review of 20  
                 Consecutive Cases...Study in Progress.

    6. Team Physician: 
            Arizona Rattlers Arena Football Team 
            Arizona Heat Wave Women's Pro Soccer Team 
            Arizona Caliente Women's Pro Football Team 
            Ironwood High School 
            Sunrise Mountain High School 

    7. Recognition: 
            Twice voted one of Phoenix Magazine's TOP DOC'S by  
                 Valley physicians and nurses. 

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